Coronal Browlift Animation


What is Coronal Brow Lift?

  • If you have sagging eyebrows that create a tired or sad appearance, deep horizontal creases across your forehead, or frown lines or furrows between your eyebrows, you might be a good endoscopic brow lift candidate.To get a glimpse of {the} potential results, you can try a simple test on your own. Place your fingertips at {the} outer edges of your eyebrows and gently raise {the} skin upwards.
  • This will give you a good indication of what {the} procedure might do for your appearance. Of course, {the} best way to determine if an endoscopic brow lift is right for you is by a thorough consultation with your plastic surgeon.

Indications for Endoscopic Brow lift

    • Brow ptosis (drooping) 
    • Pseudoptsis of {the} eyelids
    • Vertical and transverse rhytids (wrinkling) of {the} forehead


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