Epidermal Cysts

  • Epidermoid cysts represent {the} most typical cutaneous cysts. While they may possibly occur anywhere around {the} body, normally around {the} face, top of {the} head and neck.
  • Until recently, epidermoid cysts were actually known by means of various words, including follicular infundibular cysts, skin cysts, and skin introduction cysts.
  • The definition of skin introduction cyst makes reference specially for an epidermoid cyst be {the} result of {the} actual implantation associated with skin factors in {the} skin.
  • The term milia is {the} term for small, shallow epidermoid cysts.
  • Epidermoid cysts usually are asymptomatic.
  • Less commonly, {the} cysts can be inflamed or infected, resulting with pain and tenderness. 
  • Asymptomatic epidermoid cysts don't have to be treated. 
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