Eyelid Laceration / Foreign body in Eyelid

Corneal Abrasion



  • Closed globe injury or Non-penetrating trauma: The eye globe is intact, but {the} seven rings of {the} eye have been classically described as affected by blunt trauma.
  • Penetrating trauma: The globe integrity is disrupted by a full-thickness entry wound and might possibly be associated with prolapse of {the} internal contents of {the} eye.
  • Perforating trauma: The globe integrity is disrupted in two places due to an entrance and exit wound (through and through injury). This is a quite severe type of eye injury.
  • Blowout fracture of {the} orbit is caused by blunt trauma, classically described for fist or ball injury, leading to fracture of {the} floor or medial wall of {the} orbit due to sudden increased pressure on {the} orbital contents.

Eyelid Lacerations




Eyelid avulsions


  • This is an uncommon injury that can be caused by motor vehicle accidents, dog bites,or human bites.
  • Eyelid avulsions might possibly be repaired by suturing after a assessment to damage to {the} muscles, nerves, and blood vessels of {the} eyelid has occurred.

Puncture Wounds to {the} Eyelid



Foreign Body in {the} Eyelid

BB pellet in {the} eyelid



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