Aircraft Registration Forms. Form, Title. AC This form must be completed in its entirety, see notes below. AC , Bill of Sale. The seller completes the “Bill of Sale,” which is FAA Form , available for download on FAA’s web site, or from AOPA (/), most FAA FSDO. Aircraft Bill of Sale (AC Form ) · Sample Aircraft Purchase/Sales A Standard Airworthiness Certificate (FAA Form ) remains current as long as.

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Ted DuPuisApr 8, My specific question faw how to fill out the bottom of the Finally, we will address some of the steps an aircraft buyer can take to ensure that he or she will be the legitimate and undisputed owner of the aircraft being purchased.

It is also possible, in some limited circumstances, to have an unrecorded, possessory lien against an aircraft.

An aviation attorney may further help you obtain an affidavit from the seller affirmatively stating that the seller is not aware of any judgments, liens or encumbrances affecting the title to the aircraft. This can happen when a seller sells an aircraft twice and the second buyer actually records his or her bill of sale before the first buyer.

Do you already have an account? Whether you are purchasing your first aircraft or the latest in a succession of aircraft, as an aircraft buyer you need to proceed with caution.

Nov 21, Messages: Going forward, the FAA Registry will make available a downloadable Aircraft Registration Application AC Form that applicants may either sign using a legible digital signature or ink.

AggieMike88Apr 8, Anchorage, AK Display Name: Failure to timely and properly comply with these filing and recording requirements can result in problems for the aircraft buyer. Original signatures will still be accepted, as will the traditional white and pink copies of AC Form Aircraft Registration Application. In this situation, the bill of sale may be valid and convey title to the aircraft to the aircraft buyer, but that aircraft may be subject to the interests of some other third-party.

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The information contained in this web-site is intended for the education and benefit of those visiting the Aero Legal Services site. One such situation occurs when the bill of sale contains errors. Jun 27, Messages: Unrecorded, possessory liens make a strong case against purchasing an aircraft sight unseen without confirming the location of the aircraft and lack of claims by the party in possession if other than the aircraft seller. Potential errors can include when the person signing the bill of sale does not have authority to sign on behalf of the corporation or limited liability company that owns the aircraft, when the aircraft is incorrectly identified on the bill of sale or when the person signing the bill of sale does not have capacity e.

Greg Reigel’s Aero Legal Services

The FAA isnt doing anything special in terms of how the bill of sale is filled out and signed, but it is widely misunderstood, as are a lot if things involving the formalities of corporations, LLCs, and trusts. Yes, my password is: The information should not be relied upon as advice to help you with your specific issue. Jun 7, Messages: The FAA has some requirements for backup documentation which also need to be complied with in a sale.

What types of problems can happen? The answers I got may be helpful to others, so I thought I would post them. A legible and acceptable digital signature must meet the following requirements: Feb 27, Messages: Reigel does not create an attorney-client relationship.

Aviation Jobs Aviation Links. Ted DuPuis Trustee - my signature - Trustee. ChemGuyApr 8, What happens when someone else claims they own or have a prior interest in my aircraft? An aviation attorney will be familiar with the filing and recording requirements of the FAA and will make sure that the bill of sale and aircraft registration application are completed accurately, properly and filed in a timely manner.


He or she can also help you resolve any title defects that may be discovered during due diligence.

8050-2 Clarification

Reigel Serving clients throughout the U. Each case is unique and must be analyzed by an attorney licensed to practice in your area with respect to the particular facts and applicable current law before any advice can be given. No, create an account now.

SCCutlerSep 24, A similar result occurs if the seller forges the bill fform sale or if the aircraft is subject to judicial proceedings such as bankruptcy, receivership, probate, conservatorship or dissolution of marriageand the court has not authorized the sale. An airplane owned by a corporation clearly requires an officer to transfer but an airplane held in trust will show the trustee as the owner.

However, once the current gaa of the AC Form are exhausted, no additional stock will be ordered by the FAA, and using the downloadable Aircraft Registration Application will become the only permitted procedure. Seller Fails To Convey Title.

To answer these questions, fa we need to discuss what the FAA requires for an aircraft purchase transaction. Paola, KS Display Name: Although a variety of such problems exist, two specific ways in which an aircraft buyer can find himself or herself in trouble are when a seller fails to convey title to the buyer or when a seller fails to convey “clear” title to the buyer.

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