Facial masks

A facial mask is a specially prepared cream containing nutrients which is applied on {the} face to nourish, heal and rejuvenate {the} outer layer of {the} skin. Masks range from home made masks, ready to use masks which have been manufactured using specific measurements of ingredients. They can be purchased from drug stores, online cosmetics and beauty stores.

Purposes of using facial masks

  • Moisturizing
  • Deep cleansing
  • Firming {the} skin
  • Hyper pigmentation
  • Healing of acne scars
  • Brightening of {the} skin
  • Illumination of skin tone gradually
  • Rejuvenating {the} skin for a smooth radiant tone

How does facial mask work?

Facial masks contain different ingredients to suit different needs. There are facial masks which are for healing acne scars, healing and storing {the} skin while others are for deep cleansing.

The process of application depends on {the} type of mask. The facial mask is applied on {the} face and neck and spread evenly to cover {the} whole area. Cover {the} eyes and hair appropriately id you are applying {the} facial mask at home. Beauty clinics have {the} right hair caps and eye protection.

The facial masks are made with vitamins, minerals and special extracts from fruits, cucumber and cactus. The mask does not allow {the} skin to breath and {the} nutrients are absorbed into {the} skin.  The process of absorption takes place as {the} nutrients are broken down into nano parts which are a billionth of a nutrient. These are easily absorbed into {the} outer skin.  The mask is peeled out if that is {the} nature of {the} mask or washed out with water.

Types of facial masks

  • Clay; thick and draws out impurities cleansing {the} skin
  • Cream; stays damp on {the} skin to hydrate {the} skin
  • Sheet-style; this is dampened with liquid and is used to tone and moisturize {the} skin
  • Hybrid /clay and cream; these are small beads used to remove dead cells on {the} skin.
  • Paraffin wax and warm oil to cater for dry or oily skin

How long it lasts

The process of applying a facial mask depends on {the} type of mask and {the} purpose of applying. It can take a little as 5-10 minutes or overnight depending on {the} mask and purpose. A DIY facial mask depends on {the} time {the} user has and {the} expected results.

You can choose to use facial mask twice a week or once a week depending on user’s directions on {the} facial mask. Facial masks used for acne scar treatment, {the} beautician or skin therapist advices on {the} next appointment. There are masks such as glycolic masks which can only be used once a month. 24K Gold mask is used only once in six months as it can burn or irritate {the} skin.


Benefits of using facials

  1. Firming {the} skin
  2. Moisturizing {the} skin
  3. deep cleansing {the} skin
  4. Healing acne scars
  5. Nourishing {the} skin

Negative effects of using facial masks

Negative effects of facials depend on {the} choice of {the} facial mask and skin type. Sensitive skin need to be treated with care when choosing any type of treatment. There is a high risk of irritation or burning of {the} skin. It is advisable to consult a dermatologist before using strong facial mask.

Always try on {the} mask on a small portion of {the} skin to test your skin reaction. Some facial mask can cause irritation if {the} skin had been weakened by other factors such as sun burns.

Who is {the} best suited for facial masks

A facial mask is suitable for all adults of all skin types.

It is recommended to have a facial mask once a week or once a month at most for deep cleansing of {the} skin and refreshing {the} outer layer. The facial skin is open to dust, bacteria, impurities, sun and heat and needs refreshing once in a while.

People with special needs such as early onset of aging, fine lines and acne require facial treatment to cleanse, nourish and firm {the} skin.


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