Surgery Details
In Direct / Transblepharoplsty Brow Lift


  • The ENDOTINE TransBleph allows {the} surgeon to perform a browlift through a single, upper lid incision used for a conventional blepharoplasty. Using {the} multipoint soft tissue fixation technology—via a small, three tined bioabsorbable implant—your sugeoon has  new opportunities to help your patients regain a youthful, beautiful appearance around {the} eyes, without undergoing a complete forehead lift.

How it works

  • The ENDOTINE is placed underneath {the} brow and anchored directly to {the} underlying bone for secure brow elevation, with minimal subperiosteal dissection required.
  • The surgeon can now achieve {the} combined purpose of removing upper eyelid skin and repositioning of {the} brow in a single surgical session.  No endoscope required.
  • By utilizing {the} upper blepharoplasty incision for access, {the} ENDOTINE TransBleph helps simplify {the} browlift procedure. No expensive endoscopic equipment is required meaning fewer instruments to set up, process and maintain.



The ENDOTINE TransBleph is {the} best of both worlds for rejuvenation surgeries: {the} pioneering fixation of Coapt multipoint, bioabsorbable implants, and {the} ability to perform two effective procedures through a single
incision—without {the} need of general anesthesia or expensive equipment.

Ideal Candidatess

Your upper bleph patients with mild to moderate brow ptosis who are reluctant to undergo a conventional full forehead lift may possibly now become surgical candidates with this less invasive procedure.

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