Ptosis and Blepharoplasty

Ptosis surgery and upper eyelid blepharoplasty are often combined in order to (1) correct {the} droopy muscle and (2) remove fat and excess skin.

Photos of patients who have undergone eyelid surgery for droopy upper eyelid (ptosis) combined with removal of excess herniated fat, baggy eyelid - upper blepharoplasty

The animation below illustrates {the} scenario when there {the} patient has ptosis BUT ALSO has with some amount of excess upper eyelid skin

As {the} eyelid ptosis is corrected ({the} muscle is adjusted to raise {the} eyelid), {the} edge of {the} eyelid and {the} upper eyelid skin move closer together.

If there is excess upper eyelid skin, once {the} ptosis is corrected, {the} skin my OVERHANG {the} edge of {the} eyelid: Slide {the} control to {the} right to see a demonstration of this effect.

As {the} eyelid is elevated, {the} skin that is present on {the} upper eyelid, bunches up (accordion effect). The upper eyelid skin might possibly roll over {the} edge of {the} eyelid); slide control to {the} far right to see this effect.

View {the} sample photographs below to see patients who have undergone COMBINED ptosis with upper Blepharoplasty.



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